Forming Attachments ❤

Cricut Design Space, I love you man! Ahem, that is not the kind of attachment I’m talking about…

Attach or Weld? Weld or Attach? What’s the difference?

Okay, let’s start with Attach. Let’s say you have a shape and you have some text- so you have two “objects.” They are going to be the same color and you want the objects put together so they stay in the same layout that you designed in your Design Space. You need to attach these items. Select both objects and click Attach. Once you’ve attached two or more items, they become one larger item. Now that item can be cut, in the same layout, out of one color.

So, instead of this:


You get this:

2018-06-26 (1)

Cool, huh?

So how do we use Weld? Now we have two objects that we want to put together and this time they are going to be touching. For example, we want to make an arrow. We will select a square shape and make it long and skinny. Then, we will need the triangle for the tip of the arrow.

2018-06-26 (3)

Now we want the arrow to be one solid piece, but if we attach- the Cricut will cut them in the layout you have them in, but it will make them two separate pieces.

2018-06-26 (5)

This time, we want to weld the objects together. Select both objects and click Weld. Now the square and triangle will be cut out in one piece and you have an arrow!

2018-06-26 (4)

Congratulations, my friends! You have now mastered the attach and weld portions of Design Space! Well, maybe not “mastered” but you’ve got the hang of it, right? It’s going to be tougher the more complicated your design, so practice with different design elements until you are Master of Attachments! Like me, jk. Love ya…


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