…but wait, there’s more!

So you’ve been shopping for the best deal on vinyl and you know it has to be Oracal and it has to be 651 and there are 72 places that claim to be selling Oracal 651 and they range in price from a few dollars a roll to 1/2 the price of that condo you’ve had your eye on… you’ve read all the reviews on every site from every crafty woman on the planet and you’ve heard every rant up to and including the FEDEX guy had strange tattoos when he delivered the package… you finally break it down to the best price on the exact amount of the perfect color on the one site that actually sells Oracal and not that knockoff version that won’t stick to the back windshield of Marge’s Prius no matter how much Gorilla glue she uses… You click that shining beacon that we all know and love- the Go To Checkout button Annddddd… WTF?! You are going to have to refinance your bungalow Susan because the shipping is $99.95!!!

Ok, so in reality maybe it’s not a hundred bucks, but it can make a huge difference in all those calculations you made. You need to make sure you calculate the cost of shipping into your per foot pricing or cost of supplies tax or however you decide to do it. Some sites may offer $1 sheets of vinyl but have a flate rate shipping charge of $9.99. Or you may pay more per roll, but shipping is free. Just be super aware of all of your costs when getting ready to price a job and you’ll be a-okay!

Good luck, Susan!


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