Mirror, Mirror Your HTV

HTV. Heat transfer vinyl. We love it. We hate it. We love to hate it. Jerseys, t-shirts, bags, and more. HTV is the vinyl we use to put our designs on fabrics and it sure can be a headache to use.

When using HTV it is important to remember which side is which and how to cut it. Now, you’ve got your beautiful design ready to go in Design Space. You’re getting ready to cut, and… STOP! Make sure you click the little toggle that says Mirror. If you forget this step, your friends and family will need to look at you through a mirror to read your ironically funny new tee. Your letters will be reversed!

Phew, that was a close one. Now we are going to load your vinyl into the machine. You need to place the vinyl shiny side down. The “shiny” side is the plastic sheeting that holds the vinyl in place. You’ll want to keep that intact, so we cut from the matte side.

All right. So now we have our beautiful design cut and weeded and ready to transfer. First, iron your tee so there are no wrinkles. Then lay your vinyl on your tee shiny side up. You should be able to read your words in the right direction. Set your iron or heat press to the correct temperature as defined by the maker of the HTV you are using. You will need a cover sheet to keep the plastic from melting. (Teflon release sheets are recommended.) Apply heat and peel the plastic sheeting when you are done!

Voila! You are now a tee shirt making genius…


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